Utility and Service Payment

MaxMalipo services is modern way of payment based on the point of sales (POS) terminals that enable payments of various services through our state of art technological system. Our Unifiied backend platform via common APIs easily interface POS devices, Banking system, Mobile money, Online bill payment. Utility engine provide simple,…

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Public Transport System

Applications Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Metro buses and Regional buses Trains Metro and Regional trains Ferries Taxis Public transport systems offer many advantages over the personal alternatives when it comes to getting large numbers of people from A to B in style and safety – less congestion, less pollution and…

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Taxes and Levies Collection System

Applications Government Revenue Authority Local Govements, Ministries and Agencies “Goverments need robust revenue to provide public services. The public needs transparency and convinience in the process. Either way, our end-to-end Government Revenue Management system has you covered”. Governments are as diverse as the people and cultures they serve. But when…

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Fully Integrated Hospital Management Information System

Applications PUBLIC HOSPITALS PRIVATE HOSPITALS PUBLIC AND PRIVATE HEALTH INSURANCES HOSPITALS CORPORATE CREDIT CUSTOMERS MediPro e-Health is an ERP platform dedicated Health Informatics system that provides customized solutions for Ambulatories, Practice Managements, Hospitals and Healthcare Institutions. It has developed a world class hospital information system; a J2EE based standard driven…

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About us

Maxcom Africa PLC is an ICT integration firm owned by native Tanzanians and headquartered in Dar es Salaam. We have extensive operations in East African nations of Rwanda and Burundi.We are currently opening new service frontiers in Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Malawi and Ghana as we seek to extend service to the rest of the continent.

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The widespread MaxMalipo network has enabled TANESCO to reach customers in areas where, due to lack of economic viability, TANESCO does not plan to operate sales offices. Eng. William G. Mhando,Former MD – Tanesco.

MaxMalipo has particularly widened the reach of our M-Pesa financial services. Tanzanians in both towns and distant villages can now receive and send money easily and conveniently from a retail shop nearer to them.

We utilize Maxcom agent network and systems which make us even more closer to our customers by offering cash access through Maxcom Agents and the Postal Network at the convenient of their vicinities. Former M.D NMB Mark Wiessing Former MD – NMB.