Public Transport System



  • Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)
  • Metro buses and Regional buses
  • Trains Metro and Regional trains
  • Ferries
  • Taxis

Public transport systems offer many advantages over the personal alternatives when it comes to getting large numbers of people from A to B in style and safety – less congestion, less pollution and lower costs for starters, with Automatic fare collection method as a contactless smartcard-based end-to-end transport solution covering Intelligent transport systems and fully automated fare collection systems.

We offer state of the art solution is uniquely designed with the demand of revenue services of the modern transit operation in mind. With the advent of smartcard technology and proliferation of the business application, In the process of improving productivity and efficiency, our technologies that are developed for transit agencies are among the few that support your priority of passenger and operator safety and reliability.

We also provide Passengers with variety of convenient options of can top up their cards using their mobile phone, bank account, Merchant POS terminal or TOM’s (Tickets Office Machine) and self-service top up machines at anytime from wherever they happen to be.

Benefits of our proposed solution

  • Improve efficiency and reduce operating and maintenance cost of fare collection for transit operators
  • Ease of use for commuters, increased passenger flow in and out of stations and transit vehicles
  • Reduce fare-related fraud and revenue loss through open standard, secured transaction technology.
  • Provide reliable and uninterrupted operation.



  • Commercial parking
  • Public parking
  • Bus terminal parking