Taxes and Levies Collection System



  • Government Revenue Authority
  • Local Govements, Ministries and Agencies

“Goverments need robust revenue to provide public services. The public needs transparency and convinience in the process. Either way, our end-to-end Government Revenue Management system has you covered”.

Governments are as diverse as the people and cultures they serve. But when it comes to keeping a government running through efficient assessment and collection of taxes, they all face the same basic challenges. Whether you’re a county on Africa or a republic in any other African countries emerging from strife and putting comprehensive tax procedures in place for the first time, it all comes down to fair and transparent assessment and valuation of property; efficient, effective billing and collection procedures; and absolute transparency with your most important constituents – the public.

Wherever you’re located or whatever your specific tax needs are, Our platform can help you break down these barriers with technology systems, software and consulting services that are at once cutting-edge and cost-effective.

Maxcom Africa Limited through our Maxmalipo taxes and levies collection system puts your public records and operations right where they need to be: before the public. Think of e-Government as your most effective community outreach tool. Your constituents get online access to accurate, timely property information, electronic payments, records and other services – making it all the more likely that they’ll recognize your operation for what it is: a public service that benefits everyone.