About Us

Maxcom Africa PLC (Maxcom) was founded in 2008 (Tanzania) by professionals  who has had rich knowledge and experience in implementation and operation of large Mobile communications companies in Africa   with a greater vision of transforming Africa cash-based economy into electronic based economy using electronic technologies. Digital economy has proven to enhance Government and Institutions revenue collections, increased efficiency, reducing the cost of transactions and enhance people’s life style.

Why Focus in Africa

African countries are in least developed countries in the world  and are characterized by lack of proper infrastructure, low level of education and exposure to large portion of population have low purchase power (Poverty).  Despite of advancement of technology Therefore successful deployment of technology in Africa requires consideration of the following key parameters, Technology, Cost-effective, futuristic, scalability, maintainability and easy of use effective Change management strategy and Business model.

Overtime Maxcom has successfully digitized and transformed operations from intense manual processes and cash-based into Revenue and life enhancing electronic transactions largely in Tanzania. With aspiration of expanding into Africa the company has operations in Rwanda and Mozambique.