Transport Solutions

Maxcom has designed and deployed an end to end intermodal Automated Fare Collection transport system based on NFC  smartcard based solution that support QR code. The solution is already being used in Ferries, Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), Road toll, Trains, Regional buses and Taxi and can be integrated with parking and other contactless payment applications. The solution has very high potential of growth from the drive of embracing cashless payment in public transport

Dar Rapid Transit (DART) system

In 2015 Maxcom partnered with Prodata Mobility System (Later KCC) to provide fare collection service whose scope was to Design and Implement Automated

  • Fare collection system and Intelligent Transport Systems,
  • Operations and Maintenance of AFC/ITS system,
  • Design and Implementation of Mifare DeS Fire,
  • Sale and Distribution of Card, Card top up through Ticket office Machines, Maxcom Agent Network, mobile money, mobile banks
  • Implementation of Interface to the Bank interface through ISO 8583 for settlement and Fund Management.

Service came into operations in May 2016, and June 2017, the project become the first project in Africa to wind Award of Sustainable Public Transport Award

E-ticketing for Ferries

Maxcom has deployed Centralised ticketing solution for 3 largest ferries and due to the drive in use of electronic payment there is a potential opportunity of extending the solution to all ferries to Automated Fare Collection for the Dar es Salaam ferry carrying people and vehicles with over 80,000 transactions per day. This project is recently upgraded to an ultra-modern automated ticketing with the use of turnstile gates and payment settlement to the banks using contactless smartcards. Maxcom has also provided its automated fare collection solution for Kigongo- Busisi Ferry with average of 20,000 transactions per day. There is average annual growth of transactions of at least 20%.

e-Ticketing for commuter Trains

Maxcom has experience providing ticketing for TAZARA and TRL commuter trains in Dar es salaam and played an important role in the successful implementation and operation of the interim phase of the DART. Maxcom is now in the final stages to provide the fare collection services for the full DART phase 1 and the subsequent phases, an engagement which will last for a period of 12 years under a Public Private Partnership agreement. The DART project is envisioned to become central to the day to day life of the commuters in Dar es Salaam and therefore a potential catchment area for a couple of value added services.

eTicketing for Regional buses

Maxcom has deployed MaxBus e-ticketing system for interregional buses that facilitate online booking and payment, on bus ticketing and payment.


Taxi solution and Safe Student school transportation.

Maxcom has a solution to provide white -label smart based taxi solution that will help the Government to enhance collection of Taxi licence fees, safety of commuter and customer experience. Our Taxi solution is supporting dispatcher for customers using feature phone and Smartphone users.

Maxcom has also deployed and operating modern parking system platforms at various customer sites with unified payment processing.

Maxcom plays a very dominant role in provision and operation of Multi Operators, centralized intermodal Automated fare collection system in the country. The intermodal transport system has very high potential of expanding to other modes of transport such as,BRT, Ferries, Regional buses, Taxi, Regional buses, Regional trains and BRT in other regions